Is it better to exercise in the morning?

Early risers who exercise first thing are more likely to stick to their healthy habit according to studies. When you hit the gym right around sun-up, the business of the day hasn’t really started, so your workout plans are less likely to be interrupted. Also, exercising early in the morning offers numerous benefits, both to your health and to your daily schedule, that exercising at other times of the day just can’t provide.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of exercising early in the morning.

Energy booster

Some people find that working out in the morning gives them all-day energy. This effect is, in part, a mental benefit, but endorphins are also released. Plus, a change in body temperature can help wake you up. Pair a workout with coffee, and you is well on your way to your most alert morning ever. [1]

Reduce stress

You’ll feel less stressed when you get to work. And feel better about working late. People who exercise regularly report feeling more empowered and all around better about their work-life balance. Less stress means more control and typically a better day all round. Science says!

Feel productive

Your productivity will increase as you arrive to work energized, focused and more organized than before. Exercise is one of the biggest contributors to effective personal productivity. You will be able to think more clearly, and you will suffer from less stress and anxiety.[2]

You’re less likely to eat junk

People who start their day with a workout are less likely to choose unhealthy eating options throughout their day. When you start your day on a healthy note, you want to continue making healthy choices later on. [3]

This is not just personal preference either. Maybe it sounds impossible for you to become a morning exerciser, but it is totally worth a try!

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