Yoga on a beach

We all know how good yoga is for you, but what about yoga at the seaside? Research shows that being by the sea has many benefits: our stress levels drop, we get more creative and generally improve our health just by being close to salty water. Now add yoga to the mix: practicing on a beach means yoga’s effects on your body and soul are hugely amplified. Here are three proven benefits of beach yoga:

Clears your mind and heart

What better way to get the ultimate mind, body experience than by performing yoga on the beach? Imagine listening to the sound of waves, smelling saltwater and feeling the gentle touch of sand. No music is necessary because nature provides its own unique sounds, allowing one to relax while practicing asana. All these can bring you to a calmer, more peaceful place more easily than practicing yoga at a studio.

Good body work out

When you do yoga in the sand, your body has to work a whole lot harder. This is because sand isn’t a stable surface, it moves and shifts underneath you, and you constantly need to make small adjustments to maintain each pose. This causes you to use more of the muscles in your legs, feet, core, and arms, including many muscles that you might not normally use. [1]

The outdoors is a big deal

Fresh air means the body receives a healthy supply of oxygen. The air by the sea is even better because of the high levels of iodine and ozone in it. Sea air helps building a strong immune system, so beach yoga can further strengthen it thanks to the many asana and breathing techniques. Yoga by the sea also stimulates and improves your metabolism, as well as benefitting the serotonin levels in the brain.[2]

Whatever your reason for wanting to try yoga on the beach, give it a try. Yoga is always possible if the will power is there!


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